Hi daddies! How are you all? My name is breece, and I have a super sweet and young voice, along with a really innocent and sweet personality :). I'm all about pink, bubbles, teddy bears, cute knee socks, and yes, Barbie dolls haha! I LOVE BARBIE! I would totally be Barbie if I could, I love Barbie! I even play with my Barbie's, and when I tell my phone daddies all about it, they laugh at me and tell me how cute I am. I really aim to please phone daddy, and do my very very best to make my daddy super de duper proud of his little girl! I run around in little cotton panties and sometimes when I am silly I dress up in mommies big girl clothes and attempt to put on makeup, lol daddy laughs and picks me up, touching me, and then we have special time :). Sometimes my phone daddy can be rough, and really pound me hard and I cry, but daddy always tells me he loves me at the end, so it is OK :). I hope to hear from all my phone daddies, and phone uncles, and even phone brothers! Love you, xoxo!