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The party has arrived! That's right boys! I am in the building baby! I'm a wild and out girl, I've been partying since elementary school haha! I love a good party :). Some guys hate it when I show up because they used to call me jail bait and was hella scared of someone catching me there and them getting in trouble. I guess I can't blame them, but now that I am 18, I dropped out of high school and it is 24/7 party for me! Because I am so petite (4'9) and look so young, I get a lot of older guys who love like really really young girls, but are to scared to fuck them lol. I get lots of older pervs and it turns me on having them inside me while they have me call them daddy. I have a really young voice lol, don't worry, the smoking and alcohol haven't gotten to my voice..Yet! I'm ready for yah daddy! Your teen girl just got home at 3 am, she snuck out of the house while you were sleeping! Uh oh! Whatcha' going to do to me daddy? Are you going to teach me a lesson?