Payment Options
We Accept Visa, Master Card, and Discover as forms of payment.
Dispatch Rates are 1.99 a min with a 2.00 connection fee. All credit charges (Visa, Master Card, Discover) will appear on your card discretely billed as Arkaos Worldwide PLEASE SEE DIRECT CONNECT PRICES BELOW.


Single girl calls are $1.99/min with a 10 minute minimum sold in 5 min call blocks.
Two girl calls are $3.99/min with 10 minute minimum sold in 5 min call blocks.
Three girl calls are $5.99/min with a 10 minute minimum sold in 5 min call blocks.
There is a $2.00 dispatchers fee for all calls.

Price List:
10mins 1girl $21.90
15mins 1girl $31.85
20mins 1girl $41.80
25mins 1girl $51.75
30mins 1girl $61.70
35mins 1girl $71.65
40mins 1girl $81.60
45mins 1girl $91.55
50mins 1girl $101.50
55mins 1girl $111.95
60mins 1girl $121.40
90mins 1girl $181.10
10mins 2girl $39.80
15mins 2girl $61.70
20mins 2girl $81.60
30mins 2girl $121.40
40mins 2girl $161.20
45mins 2girl $181.10
50mins 2girl $201.00
60mins 2girl $200.00

If you choose to use our direct connect call option instead of using the dispatcher, the rates are as follows:

10mins 26.50
15mins 37.75
20mins 49.00
25mins 60.25
30mins 71.50
40mins 94.00
50mins 116.50
60mins 139.00

If you have problems getting a hold of your girl via direct connect please call the dispatcher at 1-888-854-8836 or e-mail us at with your full name and date of your order..

How to use Direct Connect:
Direct Connect/Click to call is a option where you can place your call discretely with out the use of a dispatcher. You go to the girls profile page of your choice and click "talk to me now", you enter your billing information and a call back number and our phone system places a call out to you.